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DoD 6055.6 M dated Dec 95 (incorporating Change 1 dated 2 Jun 98)

1. The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Council 214 and the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC), hereafter referred to as the Union and Management, hereby enter into this MOA regarding the subject instruction as it applies to bargaining unit members covered by the Master Labor Agreement (MLA) between the Parties. This MOA is made by and between AFGE Council 214 and AFMC for Eglin AFB, Hill AFB and Kirtland AFB, and it applies to civilian firefighter bargaining unit positions at those bases.

2. The purpose of the MOA is to address those procedures and requirements set forth in the DoD Fire and Emergency Services Certification Program. The purpose of the Certification Program is to improve the performance and professional standing of the covered employees and was not established for the purpose of adversely affecting their employment status. The parties agree that unit employees are required to participate in the DoD Fire and Emergency Services Certification Program. The Employer is committed to making every reasonable effort to assist the employee in attaining the required certifications. To this end, the Employer and the Union agree that training and development of the firefighters in the bargaining unit is important in accomplishing both the mission of the Employer and the career goals of the individual firefighter.

3. The parties recognize that these certification requirements do not apply to the actual position occupied by a DoD firefighter on 31 May 2000. However, should an individual want to be considered for assignment to another position (either competitively or non-competitively), they must be certified to the level of the position in question. It is acknowledged by both parties that non-entry-level fire fighters who do not desire to obtain certifications for promotion advancement shall not jeopardize their standing in their current position by reason of their decision not to pursue those certifications.

4. It is agreed that within the first ninety calendar days from the signing of this MOA, either local party can request the establishment of a local certification task force. The purposes of the task force would be:

a. To analyze the implementation and administration of the certification program at the installation;

b. To determine what obstacles exist to full implementation of the program;

c. To discuss what additional base level local requirements necessitate additional certifications for specific positions;

d. To discuss and make recommendations concerning any issues related to certification (e.g. prerequisite requirements);

e. To make specific recommendations as to the actions necessary to ensure all firefighters can obtain the certifications they might need;

f. To make recommendations to management regarding which specialized Apparatus Driver/Operator certifications (e.g., ARFF, resupply tankers, aerial, or tiller) should be applicable at stations where such vehicles are not assigned, understanding that DoD 6055.6-M still governs eligibility for promotion or reassignment and that the Employer retains final authority on what certifications are required.

The task force shall consist of an equal number of representatives from Fire Department management and the local union (not more than three each). The local union shall designate a Co-Chair from among its representatives. Recommendations of the task force will be implemented to the maximum extent feasible recognizing that the final authority rests with the Employer.

5. The Employer at each installation will provide the requisite funds, time, training materials and equipment in accordance with Article 18 of the MLA, including but not limited to computer access and IFSTA manuals. The parties affirm that firefighters can obtain the necessary certifications through Management provided courses at the DoD Fire Academy or locally through the Career Development Course (CDC) Program courses or through on- or off-base IFSAC-approved certification classes as appropriate. Schools will be allocated by need with primary emphasis on current positions and secondary emphasis on promotion requirements. All certification classes will be advertised IAW local procedures. Volunteers will be selected within each category above (primary and secondary) by service computation date (SCD Leave). Bargaining unit members who fail a certification course required for promotion will be allowed to pursue the certification through the applicable CDC course in accordance with the DoD 6055.6-M Fire and Emergency Services Certification Program and applicable AF rules governing the CDC Program. These provisions pertain to providing certification opportunities for all firefighters and in no way restricts the Employer's right to determine training requirements for any firefighter. Bargaining unit members may discuss any certification issues with their supervisor who will pursue administrative corrections where appropriate.

6. The Parties acknowledge that all bargaining unit firefighters are required to have DoD HAZMAT Awareness and HAZMAT Operations certifications. While recognizing that the subject of HAZMAT certification is currently addressed in Air Force Instruction 10-2501, 24 Dec 02, the parties affirm that Local Fire Department management shall determine when additional HAZMAT certifications are necessary to accomplish the missions of that installation. Bargainable changes to that version of the AFI will be handled in accordance with the Parties' MLA (currently Article 33).

7. It is agreed by the Parties that any de-certification of a bargaining unit member shall be handled in accordance with the de-certification procedures in DoD 6055.6-M (Dec. 1995 incorporating Change 1 dated 2 June 1998).

8. The Parties recognize that the requirements for first aid/first responder training/certification plus CPR are currently handled differently at each of the AFMC Fire Departments covered by this MOA. Should any covered Department change its current practice concerning this matter, local Fire Department management shall advise the local union of this fact and any bargainable issues will be handled in accordance with the Parties' MLA (currently Article 33).

9. The Parties agree that any changes to the DoD Fire and Emergency Services Certification Program per DoD 6055.6-M (Dec. 1995 incorporating Change 1 dated 2 June 1998) requirements will be handled in accordance with Article 33 (Ground Rules for Negotiations During the Term of the Agreement) of the Parties MLA as appropriate.

10. As appropriate, all remedies available under the MLA or 5 U.S.C. Chapter 71 are available to the Parties if either party believes the other has failed to comply with any of the requirements of this MOA.


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