Under the leadership of the AFGE National Vice President for Women's and Fair Practices, the Women's and Fair Practices Departments are devoted to promoting the civil, human, women's and workers' rights of federal and D.C. government workers. In 2002, the Women's and Fair Practices Departments responded to more than 1,000 telephone and e-mail inquiries from Local Presidents, Coordinators, Stewards, complainants, and grievances regarding the EEO complaint process, anti-discrimination laws in general, medical and/or family friendly leave and overall workplace concerns. Since 2003, one of the departments' main goals has been to research, fight against, and educate others of the vast changes proposed by the former EEOC Chair DomĂ­nguez for the agency. In protecting government workers from discrimination, the departments not only work on individual cases, but also write policy recommendations and work on issues of importance to AFGE members. Additionally, the Fair Practices Department has accepted numerous cases for direct representation from across the nation that meets our criteria of precedent value or substantial impact to the Federation. In 2005 the departments’ focused on strengthening the education and training component of our program highlighting the importance of the Coordinator structure and the EEO process.  We shared this with the Locals through Coordinator/EEO Institute trainings which took place in a number of districts throughout the year.

The Women's and Fair Practices Departments mobilize around several issues of importance to union members. Using email and phone bank resources, we respond to threats against workers' rights in the Administration's proposal to strip collective bargaining and civil service protections from workers in the Homeland Security Department. We are also waging a fight against efforts by the EEOC to eliminate hearing rights for EEO complainants. Additionally, we mobilize to fight privatization of government jobs to generous campaign contributors.


Visit: Women's and Fair Practices at http://wfp.afge.org/