PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT                                                                                                          

                                 AIR FORCE MATERIEL COMMAND                                                                          



The Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) and Council 214 of the American Federation of Government  Employees (AFGE), agree to support and enhance the AFMC mission. This agreement is grounded in a shared, overriding interest to deliver the highest quality products and services to the American public through an equal partnership of the participating parties. In this regard the parties are committed to pursue solutions that promote partnership, quality of work    life, increased work quality and efficiencies, employee empowerment, and military readiness,  while considering the legitimate interests of both labor and management.

AFMC managers and Union officials work together as a team, with a common focus. In order to realize its full potential, labor and management at all levels of the AFMC must recognize that a sound relationship is built on the following principles:

  • Value and respect all members of the AFMC workforce and the unions:


  • Identify and focus on common interests and shared problems rather than on

exclusive rights and conflicting positions;


  • Share information freely and openly in the decision-making process, recognizing

that informed employees and Union involvement adds value to the quality of a decision;


  • Build trust and treat each other as equals, with respect and appreciation for each

party’s role and responsibilities; and


  • Give priority to sustaining this charter, recognizing that some conflict is inevitable

and healthy, but secondary to our common interest.

The Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) and AFGE Council 214 Labor-Management Council shall be comprised of the following members;

  • AFMC Commander or his designee


  • President of Council 214 or his designee
  • Four representatives from management
  • Four representatives from Council 214




The AFMC Labor-Management Partnership Council shall:

Meet no less than three times a year at HQ-AFMC, unless otherwise agreed. The agency will provide funding for the Partnership Council meetings. Meetings will      be scheduled as far in advance as possible and will be facilitated by a prepared        and mutually agreed to agenda. One of the aforesaid annual meetings may be accomplished via video teleconference.

Regard the Joint National Labor-Management meeting (MLA art. 28.01b) as a partnership event, in addition to the three mentioned above, to facilitate the establishment of a tentative array of mutual concerns and interests to be addressed    by the Partnership Council.

Establish subcommittees to investigate and research issues of interest to the Partnership Council or as a result of Partnership Council meetings.         Subcommittees may also be used to investigate and research areas of conflict    between the parties. All such subcommittees will be comprised of an equal       number from management and union.

Work together to identify processes and practices which do not generate value     added verses the amount of funds expended.

Jointly strive to facilitate and maintain evolutionary movement towards a more cohesive and constructive working relationship between employees, employee representatives, managers and supervisors, at all levels within the Air Force     Materiel Command, in order to better serve our customers and accomplish our mission.




___//signed//_________                                  ____//signed 6/25/99//______

GEORGE T. BABBITT                                    JIM DAVIS

General, USAF                                                President, AFGE Council 214

Commander                                         American Federation of Government Employees

Air Force Material Command              AFL-CIO

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