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“Managing the Civilian Recognition Program”

Revision, dated 17 July 2006


1.      The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Council 214 and Air Force Materiel Command, hereafter referred to as the Union and Management, enter into this MOA regarding the above matters as they apply to bargaining unit members covered by the Master Labor Agreement.


2.      AFMC Installation Commanders or other appropriate management officials are encouraged to use Team Incentive Time Off awards (TOA) to build team camaraderie and motivate teams to achieve and/or exceed team metrics.  The maximum number of hours granted for Team Incentive TOAs must be in accordance with AFI 36-1004, Managing the Civilian Recognition Program,dated 17 July 2006, section 3.3.


3.      Granting bargaining unit employees’ TOAs in conjunction with a Team Incentive Award is seen as a way to enhance teamwork between members of significant AFMC teams and to improve total workforce quality, performance and morale.  Metrics/goals associated with AFMC Team Incentive Awards will be determined locally.  Metrics/goals must be established in advance, objective and measurable, represent a significant positive accomplishment, correlate to the agency mission(s), and conform to Chapter 45 of title 5, United States Code.  Affected employees and the local union will be informed in writing of the metrics/goals and the period of review before the start of a team goal period.  In accordance with the MLA, the local union will be afforded the opportunity to participate as a partner in the development of Team Incentive Awards metrics.  Management will give serious consideration to local union proposals for new Team Incentive metrics/goals.


4.      Commanders and other appropriate officials, as defined in paragraph 2, shall have the discretion to define specific teams eligible for Team Incentive TOAs.  Such teams will include all members expected to play a significant role in the achievement of defined, mission-related and measurable goals.  Teams may consist of any set of employees significantly involved in meeting a recognized goal or set of goals.  Team Incentive TOAs will to be established base-wide, nor at wing level.  They may, however be established for smaller sized organizational units, which are responsible for specific goals (e.g. a weapon system program office or a weapon system maintenance unit).  Individuals serving in a Performance Improvement Period (PIP) during the Team Incentive TOA metrics measurement period; or individuals who have been on long term sick leave, or extended leave without pay during the Team Incentive TOA metrics measurement period; and new hire employees, who, due to limited service, have not performed sufficient work contributing to the overall achievement of goals, are ineligible to receive a Team Incentive TOA.


5.      Administration of TOAs shall be in accordance with procedures contained in the above referenced edition of AFI 36-1004, “Managing the Civilian Recognition Program”, dated 17 July 2006.


6.      All remedies available under the Master Labor Agreement or 5 USC 71 are available to the parties if either party believes the other has failed to comply with any requirements of this memorandum of agreement.




  FOR MANAGEMENT                                FOR THE UNION



Stephanie Peterangelo

Labor Relations Specialist,


Scott Blanch

AFGE Council 214





Tom Robinson

Executive Assistant,

AFGE Council 214

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