Mon, 12/18/2017


Acquisition Coding of
Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
Cyber Operations Employees

1. The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Council 214 and Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC), hereafter referred to as the Union and Management, hereby enter into this Memorandum of Agreement regarding subject acquisition coding of Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Cyberspace Operations Support (COS) Employees as it applies to bargaining unit employees covered by the Master Labor Agreement (MLA) between the parties.

2. In accordance with AFMCI 36-2613, Acquisition Professional Development Program (APDP), the AFLCMC Senior Functional (CSF) for the COS workforce established a process to have all COS employees’ positions APDP coded in order for the COS workforce to be recognized as having achieved professional status through APDP certification. This MOA implements the provisions of the APDP requirements for employees as determined by the APDP coding of each position, subject to the provisions outlined below.

3. The COS employees should be acquisition coded, using SAF/AQH "Step-by-Step Process for Designating and Coding AF Acquisition Positions". AFLCMC Cyberspace Operations Support APDP Manager will provide a coding spreadsheet to the impacted organizations listing all COS positions that are impacted. In turn, once coding actions are completed, the supervisors of the affected employees will notify their employee(s) of their APDP coding category and certification due date, In addition, the AFLCMC COS APDP manager will notify the employees of their position coding using the "APDP Notice Newly Coded'' mail merge process found in the Command Human Resource Intelligence System (CHRIS). To accommodate these impacts:

   a. Management will provide employee access to all APDP training required to attain certification during duty time. Employees will ensure that they have requested the needed duty time and received approval from their supervisors prior to enrolling in the training.

   b. Management will request an extension of at least one year to accommodate employees who do not obtain certification in the 24 months, so long as the employee has made a reasonable effort to complete the certification requirements during the initial 24 months.

   c. Management will provide individual mentoring, on request, to individuals having difficulty meeting certification requirements.

4. All AFLCMC Cyber Operations employees will receive email notification of the coding decision. The notification will explain that the coding decision was based on the documented duties in the employee's position description and that coding may be appealed on the basis of actual percentage of time spent on acquisition/non-acquisition workload. Upon request, the AFLCMC Cyber Operations APDP manager will meet with the employee and/or the employee's representative to discuss the coding decision and reasons for reconsideration. If an agreement cannot be reached the employee may exercise their right to file a grievance.

5. Employees will be given retroactive credit for the time from when the employee started the position, not the time that it became APDP coded, to the date it was determined the position required APDP certification.

6. The deadline for completing Continuous Learning (CL) credits is two years from the date of APDP coding. Employees can complete the CL credits at any point within this two year time frame. The deadline for completion of CL credits will not reset upon completion of CL requirement, but remain the original deadline of two years from anniversary date of the APDP coding of the position.

7. When AFLCMC Cyber Operations completes the APDP coding update the Union will be provided a spreadsheet showing the positions where acquisition coding was added or changed. The spreadsheet will show the installation and office symbol of the position and, if encumbered, the name of the employee.

8. All remedies available under the MLA or 5 U.S.C. 71 will remain available to the parties if concerns cannot be cooperatively resolved.


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