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Use of Official Time by Designated Union Representatives

To Research and Prepare to Bargain

AFI 21-101, “Aircraft and Equipment Maintenance Management

(Revised 26 July 2010)


1.  This agreement is entered into by AFGE Council 214 and the AFMC, and is applicable only to the negotiations of subject AFI.  The Parties recognize that it may be in the best interest of the above mentioned parties to provide official time to authorized union representatives to review the 380 page document in preparation for bargaining.

2.  For the purpose of this agreement, two employees from each ALC, Eglin, and Edwards shall be granted up to 40 hours per week for up to two weeks to complete a review of the AFI and supplement and submit local input to AFGE Council 214.  The two weeks will start when the functional and the AFGE C-214 representative notify A1KL that they are ready for the field review.  An additional 20 hours of official time may be authorized for one representative at each of the four bases to collaborate with C-214 over the following 4 weeks.  AFGE Council 214 will provide a list of union interests within 4 weeks of the local review.  These interests will provide a basis for interest based bargaining that will commence after completion of the AFMC supplement to AFI 21-101.

3. The names of the union reviewers will be provided to AFMC/A1KL by AFGE Council 214 no later than 1 week from the date of this agreement.  The AFMC LRO or his designee will advise the local LROs of the persons identified.  The local LROs will arrange for release of the named employees for the specified amount of time authorized.  In the event the mission may prohibit release, any denial will be coordinated through AFMC/A4M.

To expedite the overall process, local mgt will provide two hard-copies of the new and old AFI to each union Local.

For Management/Date                               For the Union/Date

_____//signed//_____                              ____//signed//_____
Gina Williamson                                   Tom Robinson
Labor Relations Specialist                        Executive Assistant
HQ AFMC/A1KL                                      Council 214

_____//signed//_____                              _____//signed//_____
Lisa A. Carney, YC-02                             Kris Keeler
Acting Chief, Maintenance Division                Executive Assistant
HQ AFMC/A4M                                       AFGE Council 214

Brian C Burks, YC-03 
Chief, Operations Division 

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