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Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-809, Civilian Survivor Assistance, dated 15 April 2015



1.  The America Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Council 214 and Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC), hereafter referred to as the Union and Management, hereby enter into this MOA regarding the above matter as it applies to bargaining unit employees covered by the Master Labor Agreement (MLA) between the parties.  This MOA supersedes the previous MOA concerning AFI 36-809, Civilian Survivor Assistance, signed 31 October 2003.


2.  The intent of the above AFI is to provide for the prompt and compassionate notification of next of kin (NOK) when an appropriated fund civilian employee becomes deceased (casualty). Additionally, it provides survivor assistance to the NOK in the handling of personal affairs related to the civilian’s employment.  This AFI revision   updates and clarifies responsibilities for notifying the NOK, and includes procedures for employees to identify and update their emergency contact information using the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) MyBiz and a description of procedures for reporting a civilian death by the servicing Civilian Personnel Sections (CPS).


3.  The purpose of collecting NOK information is to provide casualty notification personnel immediate NOK contact information in the event of a casualty, and to provide the supervisor or next supervisory level contact information in the event of an emergency.  Employees are required to provide NOK information to their supervisor for entry in the Supervisor’s Employee Work Folder, AF Form 971.  Information should include the name(s) and address(es) of the person(s) the employee would like notified if the employee becomes a casualty or for any other emergency.  Entry of NOK information into MyBiz is voluntary but highly encouraged.


4.  Without NOK information in MyBiz, the ability to make timely notification to NOK could be adversely affected.  Management will not be liable for any delay in carrying out responsibilities associated with NOK notification or civilian survivor assistance resulting from NOK information not being readily available in the MyBiz application.


5.  All remedies available under the MLA or 5 U.S.C. 71 will remain available to the parties if concerns cannot be cooperatively resolved.


For Management / Date                                                For the Union/Date


___________________________                       _____________________________

CANDY L. LOHNER                                   TOM ROBINSON

Human Resources Specialist (Employee)     Executive Assistant

AFMC/A1KL                                                AFGE Council 214


_____________________________                  _____________________________    

COLLETTE MYERS                                        NICHOLAS SPYCHALKSI

Human Resources Specialist (Labor)               Executive Assistant

AFMC/A1KL                                                   AFGE Council 214


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