BLUF:  Open Call for Mentees and Mentors for the Federal Wage System (FWS) Mentoring Program is open 21 Feb – 17 Mar 23




Subject:  Federal Wage System (FWS) Program Data Call for Mentees and Mentors




AFSC/DP is pleased to announce the 2023 open data call for Mentees and Mentors. Mentees will be assigned a Mentor to assist with career development, goal setting and professional development. Mentees will be matched with Mentors in one of the following pay bands:


  • General Schedule (GS)
  • AcqDemo (NH, NJ)
  • Military
  • Wage Supervisor (WS), Work Leader (WL), Wage Grade (WG)


Brief Program Description:  The Federal Wage System (FWS) Mentoring Program is a 12-month structured mentoring program that develops and builds a pool of future leaders to support AFSC’s mission, fosters high levels of engagement and provides career vision.  Individual and group sessions include developing career goals, understanding technical development and progression options, identifying educational opportunities, reviewing how to prepare, interview and apply for jobs and using the Wage Grade Career Path Resource Site AFSC Wage Grade Career Path.


Basic Eligibility for Mentees: Must be currently in a wage grade position  (WS, WL, WG) to apply.  **GS employees are not eligible to apply as a Mentee.

Basic Eligibility for Mentors: Can be federal wage system (FWS) or non FWS employee. Does not have to be a supervisor.


Application:  Applications window for FWS Mentees and Mentors is open 21 Feb – 17 Mar. 

For more information or to apply visit: FWS Mentorship (