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14 August 2001


The following constitutes an agreement between Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) and the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Council 214 concerning the decision to delete the GS-1150 and GS-1910 series positions from coverage under the CMCCP and deregister those employees who only qualify for GS-1910/1150 series positions. It is further understood that the program name will be changed to Contracting Career Program (CCP). Lists of the affected bargaining unit employees and unit positions are attached. The Council will be notified if changes are made to these lists. This initiative will be effective on 1 October 2001.

The GS-1910, Quality Assurance Specialist, is a shared series. However, no unit positions identified for deletion from the CMCCP will be converted/coded to any other career program, solely as a result of this discontinuation of coverage. Should there be a decision to identify one of the listed positions for inclusion in another career program, the Union will be afforded a bargaining opportunity is accordance with the parties Master Labor Agreement, Article 33, Section 33.02.

Bargaining unit employees affected by the CMCCP Policy Council's decision to exclude those registrants with only manufacturing work experience will be sent a personal letter no later than 31 Aug 01. This notice will indicate other career programs for which the individual bargaining unit employee is currently registered. The letter will also provide a reminder that any requests for tuition assistance from the CMCCP for training funding must be submitted IAW the instructions on the CMCCP website and received by AFPC/DPKCQ no later than 21 Sep 0l, in order to be considered for approval. However, bargaining unit employees are guaranteed a minimum of ten (10) working days in which to submit requests for the tuition assistance. It is further understood that application does not guarantee approval. Management will provide individual counseling, upon request, to any bargaining unit employee who is notified of pending exclusion from the CMCCP. Also upon request, the counseling will include complete information concerning other career programs the bargaining unit employee is eligible to participate in and the associated registration procedures for the program(s).

Current GS-1910, Quality Assurance Specialists, and GS-1150, Industrial Specialists, who are bargaining unit employees identified in the listing mentioned in par.1 above and are being removed from the CMCCP will be eligible to continue to receive funding for all training courses which have been approved by CMCCP prior to implementation of this agreement. This includes funding for all approved training courses until that training has been completed. Because registration in a career program is not a requirement to receive training through the AF Acquisition Training Office (AFATO), employees removed from the CMCCP will not be prohibited from taking AFATO funded training as a result of their removal from the CMCCP. After implementation of this agreement, bargaining unit employees who were removed from the CMCCP will have access to tuition assistance through those career program and other resources (e.g. base level training funds) for which they meet eligibility requirements.

Employee dissatisfaction may be resolved through the Parties' MLA, Article 6, Negotiated Grievance Procedure and Alternative Dispute Resolution. All other remedies available under the MLA or 5 USC Chapter 71 are available to the parties if either party believes the other has failed to comply with any of the requirements of this MOA.


STACY L. ZAIRE        14 Aug 2001
For Management           Date
FREDERIC N. CURWIN      14 Aug 2001
For The Union                        Date


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