Fri, 08/03/2001



AFGE Council 214 and AF Materiel Command (AFMC) agree to implement, within all AFMC installations and activities, AF Instruction (AFI) 51-1102, dated 3 Oct 94, "Cooperation with the Office of the Special Counsel". AFGE Council 214 and AFMC agree further that:

1. AFMC, through HQ AFMC/JA or HQ AFMC/DP will notify the President of AFGE Council 214, whenever AFMC learns that that the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) is conducting an investigation where the subject is an AFMC employee who is a member of the consolidated bargaining unit (as defined by Article 2 of the Master Labor Agreement).

2. Upon notification by AFMC that a bargaining unit employee is the subject of an OSC investigation, AFGE Council 214 may determine whether or not that employee wants the Union to be present during any interview by OSC. AFGE Council 214 may further decide, in the exercise of its own discretion as the exclusive representative, whether to grant the employee's request for Union assistance in the matter.

3. In any case where the bargaining unit member subject of the OSC investigation requests Union assistance, and the Union agrees to grant that request, the Union will inform AFMC. AFMC will then endorse the employee's and the Union's request and formally ask the OSC, on behalf of the Union and the employee, to permit a Union representative to be present and participate during any interview of the subject employee.

4. AFMC and AFGE Council 214 further understand and agree that AFMC cannot compel OSC to permit Union participation in an OSC investigation of a bargaining unit employee, and that any decision whether or not to permit such Union participation rests solely and exclusively with OSC.

President, AFGE Council 214
Staff Judge Advocate, AFMC
Aug 3, 2001
18 Jul 2001



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