Wed, 12/05/2001


Department of Defense
Government Travel Charge Card
Collection of Delinquent Bank of America Debts
Process Flow and Assumptions
(Salary Offset Procedure)

1. The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Council 214 referred to as the Union and the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) referred to as Management hereby enter into this MOA regarding the above matters as they apply to bargaining unit members covered by the Master Labor Agreement (MLA). The Parties further recognize and affirm that other travel-related provisions are addressed in Article 22 of the MLA. The Parties also acknowledge the "The Government Travel Card and the DOD Initiative to Reengineer Travel" MOA dated Oct. 23/29 1998 between the Parties is still current and applicable to AFMC and the AFGE Council 214 bargaining unit members. Nothing in this MOA is intended to replace "The Government Travel Card and the DOD Initiative to Reengineer Travel" MOA dated Oct. 23/29 1998 between the Parties.

2. The Parties agree that the "Collection of Delinquent Bank of America (BOA) Debts Process Flow and Assumptions" information was conveyed by Management to the Union on 21 September, 2001 attached to a memorandum from AFMC/DCPL's Mr. Michael Madges concerning the salary offset procedures.

3. The Parties acknowledge that the purpose of this MOA is to address the collection of delinquent BOA debts through a salary offset procedure. The authority to develop and implement this procedure is found in Public Law 105-264, the Travel and Transportation Reform Act of 1998 (TTRA).

4. The parties agree that the Bank and/or Management will forward to the bargaining unit member a written notification of delinquent debt (i.e. 30 or more days past due).

5. Employees are encouraged to contact their functional travel advisor over nonpayment of filed travel vouchers. Financial travel advisors will assist employees in resolving such issues. Management will thusensure the timely reimbursement of qualifying expenses for associated travel to bargaining unit members who properly filed travel vouchers in a timely manner. This will help prevent any erroneous salary offsets from being initiated by BOA.

6. The parties agree that if salary offset has started and it is determined those collections are in error, the refunds will be provided by the BOA to the bargaining unit member as soon as possible.

7. The parties agree that a bargaining unit member contesting a delinquency can request an oral hearing under the Debt Collection Act of 1982 at the member's option. Oral hearings will be held when consistent with applicable agency regulations and/or guidelines.

8. Should either party identify any procedural problem with the implementation of the Salary Offset process, the Parties agree to meet, discuss and, if necessary, negotiate the problem issue.

9. All remedies available under the MLA or 5 U.S.C. Chapter 71 are available to the Parties if either party believes the other has failed to comply with any of the requirements of this MOA.

10. This MOA is effective 1 Jan 02.

MARY E. MILLER 12/05/01
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SCOTT T. WHITE 12/05/01
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