Wed, 04/30/1997



1. Management will authorize a representative at Warner Robins and Tinker to serve as the liaison between the union and management for DREP activities. The representatives time as the liaison will be devoted to DREP activities.  In the event that a designated representative is called to perform union duties previously assigned before an arbitrator, MSPB or other third party proceedings they will be required to fill out a form 949. This authorization will be for a period of six months and may be extended. The starting date for the authorization of official time will be determined by the local parties, not to exceed 14 days. In consideration of this authorization, the union agrees that the terms of the letter dated 1 April 97 concerning the expansion of Pacer Lean at Hill AFB (attached) will also apply to Tinker AFB and Robins AFB.

2. It is understood that Kelly AFB and Hill AFB have already authorized a local union liaison and are excluded from this agreement.

3. In the event McClellan APB desires to expand DREP beyond the original 2 May 96 Agreement their local Union will also be authorized a liaison as described in this document.

Raymond Rush                         30 April 97
For Management                         Date 
Jim Davis                        4/30/97
For the Union                    Date



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