Thu, 10/29/1998



1. American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Council 214 and Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) hereby enter into this MOA regarding the above matters as they apply to bargaining unit members covered by the Master Labor Agreement (MLA) between the parties. This agreement recognizes the mutual interest the parties have to identify and establish a process covering the matters at hand which will enhance their labor-management relationship. The Parties further recognize and affirm that other travel-related provisions are addressed in Article 22 of the Master Labor Agreement.

2. The parties agree to work together towards the successful implementation of the DoD initiative to Reengineer Travel. Management agrees to timely provide the union appropriate information which it receives about the development, testing, and/or implementation of the initiative. During the evolution of the initiative, management acknowledges and encourages Council 214’s input on issues which arise. The parties agree to work together to timely resolve those issues which are left to the discretion of AFMC management to address. The parties recognize such resolution could be reached informally or through negotiations as necessary.

3. The Government Travel Card is issued for official travel-related purposes only. Possession/use of the Government Travel Card is advantageous for those who travel as part of their official duties.

4. The parties acknowledge that the Government Travel Card will be a NationsBank VISA card effective

30 Nov 98. The parties further acknowledge that the applicable NationsBank contract provides for a credit check for employees who previously have not had a Government Travel Card or who had their prior (i.e. American Express) card suspended or cancelled as of 1 Aug 98. The parties further recognize that holders of American Express cards in good standing as of 1 Aug 98 will receive the standard-issued NationsBank VISA card without a credit check. For employees who need to apply for a VISA card (new applicants or suspended/cancelled cardholders as specified above), a credit check will apply for those seeking a standard-issued VISA card. Employees must consent in writing to the credit check and may request withdrawal of the credit check consent at any time. The parties recognize that NationsBank will not report the results of any credit check or the resulting basis for their recommendation of the type of VISA card to be issued to any other party. If an employee chooses not to have a credit check, that employee will receive a VISA card with more restrictive limitations/conditions under the NationsBank VISA contract. If an employee is recommended for issuance of a VISA card with more restrictive limits/conditions, the employee may request to meet with their organizational commander and/or his/her designee to discuss the situation. The parties recognize that the decision on the type of card issued rests with the organizational conmmander or his/her designee. Issuance of a NationsBank VISA card with more restrictive limits/conditions shall not be used as the basis for any disciplinary action or as the basis for not granting or revoking a security clearance.

5. Nothing in the travel card program prevents or denies travel for an employee. Management determines whether or not an employee travels. In situations where an employee has applied for but has not received a Government Travel Card, that employee may request a travel advance based on hardship and the Employer will offer a travel advance usually limited to 80% of authorized and allowable expenses. The parties acknowledge that employees may choose to travel using personal funds.

6. Employees with questions about their personal credit rating or seeking to obtain a copy of their personal credit report may contact any of the three major national credit-reporting agencies. The addresses of these agencies are as follows: Experian (TRW), P.O. Box 2104, Allen, Texas 75013-2104; Equifax, P.O. Box 105873, Atlanta, Georgia 30348; Trans Union, P.O. Box 390, Springfield, Pennsylvania 19064. The requesting employee will be responsible for any costs associated with obtaining his/her credit report.

7. Issued cards will only be suspended or canceled for misuse, delinquency, or other valid card-related reasons (e.g. termination of employment). Personal information available as a result of the Government Travel Card will only be available to agency personnel with an official "need to know".

8. Any disciplinary action based on card misuse and/or payment delinquencies will be taken in accordance with MLA provisions in effect at the time. Within each servicing Personnel Office, disciplinary actions will be taken for just cause and reflect standards of reasonableness and equitableness. Disciplinary actions will not be pursued until misuse and/or delinquencies are indicated and confirmedTo minimize credit card delinquencies, travelers are highly encouraged to request "split disbursement" upon filing their travel vouchers. "Split disbursement" refers to the traveler's ability to request on the voucher that a specified amount be paid directly to the card company. Management will neither propose nor effect any disciplinary action over delinquent charges for which the employee has not been reimbursed by the Government. Management will reimburse the employee for any NationsBank VISA late charges resulting from delays in reimbursement by the Government.. These provisions apply when the employee has timely and correctly filed for reimbursement. Garnishments of employee pay arising from travel card delinquencies will adhere to applicable laws and governing regulations.

9. AFMC will provide AFGE Council 214 a copy of the transmittal forwarding this agreement to all Centralized Personnel Offices (CPOs) covered by this agreement. CPOs will notify the local union when they distribute this agreement to those managers covered by its provisions. Local notification can be made via a transmittal as indicated above or by other appropriate means.

10. The parties agree to publish information to affected employees with respect to their rights and obligations concerning government travel and the use of the Government Travel Card. The parties will use both union and management publications for this purpose. The parties further agree that individual counseling can be an appropriate means for addressing certain first-time instances of payment delinquency or card abuse.

11. This Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) shall be effective for the life of the NationsBank contract as qualified below. The terms of this MOA shall end upon termination or completion of the contract with NationsBank, but shall not exceed a period of five (5) years unless otherwise mutually agreed-to by the Parties.. AFMC shall provide written notification of the completion or termination of this MOA to AFGE Council 214. Within thirty (30) days of receipt of this notice, either party may submit a demand to bargain a new agreementAll prior MOAs between the parties concerning Government Travel are superceded by this agreement.


For Management:


Terry Hockless, TSgt, USAF 
Command, Agency Program Coordinator 
Financial Services Branch
Directorate of Financial Management & Comptroller


Michael J. Madges
Labor Relations Specialist
Civilian Personnel & Programs 
Directorate of Personnel

 For AFGE Council 214:


Richard Benge, Jr. 
Executive Assistant
AFGE Council 214

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