Fri, 09/21/2001


21 September 2001



1. The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Council 214 and the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) hereafter referred to as the Union and Management, hereby enter into this MOA regarding the above matters as they apply to bargaining unit members covered by the Master Labor Agreement (MLA) between the Parties.

2. The Parties agree the IPV test program at OC-ALC, OO-ALC, and WR-ALC has provided improved bench stock parts support availability for the Air Force depot maintenance mechanics/artisans in the designated maintenance test shops. The Parties agree that follow-on IPV contract options may now be awarded by the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP) to further extend, expand, and deploy the 1PV support program at OC-ALC, OO-ALC, and WR-ALC. The Parties further agree the IPV bench stock program will be initially expanded and deployed to the depot maintenance test shops identified below. The Parties also agree that IPV contract expansion and deployment support shall include, but not be limited to, the ALC designated aircraft, commodity, airborne accessories, engine, missile, and avionics depot maintenance shops identified below. It is agreed that AFMC reserves the right to expand DSCP IPV contract coverage to additional Air Force depot maintenance shops over and above those identified in paragraph two of this MOA at its discretion subject to the limitations specified in paragraph three of this MOA. The initial IPV depot maintenance test shops to be added under exercise of the DSCP IPV contract options (broken down by ALC) are as follows:




Propulsion Directorate
F100 Engine
F108 Engine
F110 Engine
F118 Engine
Back Shop Support
Engine Test
A-10 Aircraft (Bldg-225)
F-16/C-130 Engines (Bldg.225)
F-16 Engines (Bldg. 5G)
Power Systems (BIdg.238) Missile Transporters (BIdg.847)
Avionics Directorate
F-15 EW Shop
F-15 Radar Shop
Support Equipment Shop
Comm/Navigation Shop
Lantirn Shop
EW Shop (Non-F-15)
Radar Shop (Non-F-15)
Engineering Shops
Airborne Accessories Directorate
Air Accessories Section 
Composite and Bomber Sheet
Metal Section
Fuel Control and Bearing Section
Fuel Accessories Section
Avionics and Electronics Section
Manufacturing Section

3. A contingency plan shall be established by Management, which avoids adverse actions affecting Air Force depot civilian employees that are displaced by the IPV Expansion and Deployment Program. This may include, but is not limited to, cross training, retraining, placement on available vacancies, and may include use of temporary fills for available vacancies. This contingency plan shall be provided to the Union prior to implementation of the 1PV Expansion and Deployment Program. No bargaining unit personnel will be subject to losing their employment or being downgraded solely as the direct result of the IPV Expansion and Deployment Program. Prior to expansion of IPV contract coverage to additional Air Force depot maintenance shops over and above those identified in paragraph two of this MOA, AFMC will also ensure that any impacted Air Force depot civilian personnel will not be subject to losing their employment or being downgraded solely as the direct result of additional IPV expansion. The Parties agree that additional Air Force Technical Assistant (TA) personnel positions will be created by the IPV Expansion and Deployment program to oversee contractor parts fill rate performance at the three affected Air Logistics Centers.

4. The Parties agree that a representative designated by the Union will continue to be a constituent member of the AFMC/ALC Prime Vendor IPT. As such, the Union will be a full participant in the follow-on prime vendor program evaluation and review process, and in formulating recommendations for follow-on actions related to the IPV Expansion and Deployment Program. HQ AFMC/LG will provide the Union with informational copies of all releasable formal written correspondence between HQ AFMC/LG and HQ DLA/DSCP relative to the IPV Expansion and Deployment Program.

5. The Parties agree that HQ AFMC/LG status reports or briefings outlining IPV expansion and deployment program status will continue to be provided to the Union throughout the life of the IPV contract.

6. The Parties agree that contractor personnel will continue to wear distinctive badges for identification and ease of recognition purposes at each ALC for the duration of the IPV contract (covering all contract options) at OC-ALC, OO-ALC, and WR-ALC.

7. Displaced employees who cannot be utilized within the scope of their official position may be detailed in accordance with Article 20 of the MLA or temporarily promoted per Article 13 of the MLA. Should the displaced employees be loaned, the procedures set forth in Article 21 of the MLA shall be used. Consistent with governing law and regulation, Management shall continue to take all necessary action to attempt to accommodate bargaining unit personnel that otherwise might have been provided light duty assignments to tasks now overtaken by IPV Expansion and Deployment. The Union will be provided quarterly information, describing the number of bargaining unit employees requesting/requiring accommodation in the form of light duty, at each affected Center, and the number that are denied throughout the life of the IPV expansion and deployment contract.

8. No rights of bargaining unit employees, the Union, or Management are waived by this Agreement.

JOHN D. ANDERSON              9/21/01
For the Employer                     Date
SCOTT BLANCH         9/21/01
For the Union              Date
RANDY SHAW                       9/21/01
For the Employer                     Date
GARY L. BAYS           9/21/01
For the Union               Date

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