Thu, 03/10/2005


Notification Requirements for Entrance to AFMC Installations
by Union Representatives who are non AF Employees

The union, at times has the need to bring non-AF employees, who are part of AFGE National, onto AFMC installations. Currently, there is no standard notification process at AFMC activities for union and management to follow in allowing activity assess for these individuals. A standard procedure for admittance will provide the Parties with a clear approach when a non AF union rep wants to come on an AFMC installation. The purpose of this MOA is twofold; one, better support for the visitors to assure a successful outcome, and two, to minimize disruption to the mission.

The Employer agrees that authorized American Federation of Government Employee Representatives, who are not employees of the AF, and who are designated in writing, may be permitted on AFMC activities IAW appropriate AF policy and procedures. These procedures include the union requesting each visit in writing to the base labor relations officer, at least ten calendar days in advance of the visit. Exceptions can be requested. The request should include the following: name(s) and position of the visitor and purpose of visit. Facilities to be visited and times may be requested for the purpose of facilitating the visit. Other visitation requirements, such as restricted areas and escorts, will be determined locally.

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