Thu, 04/25/1991

 Memorandum of Agreement


Sick Leave for Adoptive Parents



This agreement applies only to employees/positions in the AFLC/AFGE consolidated bargaining unit.


1.    In requesting sick leave for purposes related to the adoption of a child, adoptive parents will inform their supervisor of the purpose of the request, such as an appointment with an adoption agency, social worker or an attorney, court proceedings, or a meeting with a financial institution to gather income/assets information. Unless there is doubt as to the validity, of the request, employees will be granted sick leave on the basis of their personal certification as to why the leave is needed. Supervisors are encouraged to be responsive in granting sick leave to meet the needs of adoptive parents.


2. Requests for advance sick leave for the purposes of adopting a child will be approved in the same manner as other requests for advance sick leave in accordance with AFR 40‑630Y 1 Feb 88, paragraph 3‑5(b). Alleged sick leave abuse will not be a reason to disapprove a request for advance sick leave for the purposes of adopting a child.


3.    If an employee's request for sick leave is denied, the employee has the right to file a grievance in accordance with Article 6 of the MLA. The employee may request annual leave or LWOP to cover the absence. Should the employee prevail in the grievance, sick leave will be substituted for the annual leave or LWOP taken.


4.    In cases where both adoptive parents are employees, both parents may request sick leave for purposes related to the adoption of a child.


5. An article will be published in AFLC Base Newspapers explaining this test program as soon as possible but not later than 45 days after the signing of this agreement. The article will be coordinated with AFGE Council 214 prior to publication:


6. AFLC will accept requests for sick leave for the purposes of adoption retroactive to 5 November 1990. Should the retroactive request be approved, sick leave will be substituted for any annual leave taken by the employee for purposes of adoption. Such retroactive requests must be submitted within 30 days of the date of publication of the base newspaper article. No request will be accepted after 30 September 1991.



7. It is understood that no rights of the employees or the Union are waived by this agreement.





    //signed//                               //signed//


Joseph H. Nickerson III                   William P. Langley      

FOR THE UNION                             FOR THE EMPLOYER

Joseph H. Nickerson, III                  William P. Langley

Executive Assistant                       Labor Relations Specialist

AFGE Council 214                          HQ AFLC/DPCE



25 Apr 91                                 25 April 1991           

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