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Employment and Affirmative Action AFPD 36-2 (18 Mar 94)

Staffing Civilian Positions AFI 36-2024 (1 Feb 96)

Staffing Civilian Positions AFMAN 36-203 (1 Feb 96)

1. The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Council 214 and the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC), hereafter referred to as the Union and management, agree to the following provisions in the application of the provisions of subject issuances when staffing bargaining unit positions.

2. Referral of candidates obtained from the Central Skills Bank (CSB) will be made in accordance with the applicable provisions of MLA Section 12.06 concerning initial areas of consideration.

3. In accordance with AFMAN 36-203, paragraph 1.16.5, Civilian Personnel Flights (CPFs) will develop Affirmative Action Plans (AEPs), covering all serviced Air Force employees. These plans will be in full compliance with the provisions of AFR 40-713 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Employment Programs (AEP) 20 Jun 86, and will comply with 5 CFR Chap I Part 720.205. Activity AEPs will incorporate the career program positions for that activity. Documentation regarding career program EEO activities shall also be made available in accordance with MLA Section 19.03c.

4. Subject publications have applicability to civilian career programs, which have any bargaining unit coverage. Such centrally managed career programs are developed in consonance with, and follow the guidelines of, federal merit promotion policy and the Air Force Merit Promotion Program.

5. Details to higher grade of 30 days or less, will be annotated on the Supervisor's Record of Employee AF Form 971.

6. Upon request, the activity will provide local union officials a copy of that portion of DoD Manual 1400.20-2-M information applicable to this installation. Additionally, ATLAS Statistical Summary Inquiry No. 1666, containing series and grade information for positions specific to this installation, will also be provided upon local Union request. Upon request, the Council will be provided an ATLAS Inquiry occupational inventory for the consolidated bargaining unit.

7. Progression Level Factors (PLFs) normally do not include criteria for more than five years quantity of experience beyond the minimum requirement established by OPM.

8. When staffing bargaining unit positions, Alternate Certification Procedure and Certification by Category Groupings, as provided by AFMAN 36-203, paragraphs 2.26 and 2.28 respectively, will not be used in AFMC. Any future implementation of these procedures will be negotiated with the union.

9. In addition to the requirements identified in AFMAN 36-203 paragraph 3.12, Training Agreements must describe the evaluation methods.

10. In accordance with AFMAN 36-203, paragraph 4.3, and DoDI 404.12, Section D, paragraph 2e, military spouse preference is not applicable in the filling of a position when the placement would result in the displacement of a current employee of the activity. Nor is the preference applicable when, in accordance with AFMAN 36-203, paragraph 4.3, such a fill action would adversely impact ongoing affirmative employment Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) programs; that is, when programs for achievement of minority and gender equality, programs for persons with disabilities, or programs for affirmative employment of veterans, including disabled veteran appointments and Veteran Readjustment Act appointments (VRA); would be adversely affected.

11. Military spouse preference eligibles with status, who are candidates for bargaining unit positions will be rated and referred in accordance with the automated procedures of the DoD Priority Placement Program as required by DODI 1404.12 Section D paragraph 2f. Where the activity is filling such unit positions through established competitive merit promotion procedures, per DoDI 1404.12, Section D, paragraph 2a and b, competing unit employees will be considered on an identical basis as military spouse eligibles. Military spousal preference eligibles without status or those seeking consideration based on an OPM rating of eligibility may make direct application to the civilian personnel office, per DoDI 1404.12, if the activity is accepting and using a competitive employment process which includes OPM registers or is using an applicable delegated examining authority. Priorities listed in AFMAN 36-203, Table 7.1 apply in the placement of all military spouse preference candidates.

12. Absent a valid position offer, in accordance with AFMAN 36-203, paragraph 4.7.2, the time period of military spouse preference eligibility begins 30 days before the military sponsor's reporting date to the new location, and applies without time restriction, except that spouses seeking preference with less than six months time remaining in the area will not be given military spouse preference.

13. Each fiscal year, if requested, the local Union will be provided a copy of all documentation prepared in consonance with AFPD 36-2, Attachment 1, which includes or references local unit members or positions in any manner.


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29 January 99
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