Memorandums of Agreement

Format: 2022-01
Format: 2022-01
Format: 2022-01
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AFLCMC Wide 5-4-9 CWS 08/16/2017
Expansion of Medical Treatment Facility Hours 10/17/2017
USA Hire Standard Applicant Assessment 10/17/2017
AFI 36-205, Affirmative Employment Pgm (AEP), Special Emphasis Pgm (SEP), Reasonable Accomodations Policy, 1 Dec 16 11/02/2017
Acquisition Coding of AFLCMC Cyber Operations Employees - APDP 12/18/2017
AFI 36-2645, Security Professional Certification and Development 01/09/2018
Government Shutdown/Emergency Furlough Procedures 02/06/2018
AFI 32-2006, Uniform and Grooming Standards for Civilian Fire Emergency Services Personnel, dated 29 Aug 13 02/13/2018
Voice over Internet Protocol Phones (VOIP) conversion 02/20/2018
Revisions to the Federal Workplace Drug Testing Program 02/23/2018
Limitation to Closure of Medical Treatment Facilities - DHA PI 6025.03 and DHA IPM 18-001 05/17/2018
AFTCI 99-110, Test Control Personnel Training and Evaluation 06/05/2018
AFI 36-817 - Civilian Phased Retirement Program 09/13/2018
AFI 11-301, Volume 1, Aircrew Flight Equipment (AFE) Program 10/22/2018
Updates to Expeditionary Status Coding 11/15/2018
Integrated Suicide Prevention and Integrated Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Annual Training 01/09/2019
Acquisition Demo (AcqDemo) Program at Arnold Air Force Base (AFB) 02/14/2019
AFI 31-122 Department of the Air Force Civilian Police/Security Guard (DAF CPISG) Program, 31 July 2015 04/16/2019
Use of Official Time by Designated Union Reps to Review AFI 36-704, Discipline and Adverse Actions of Civilian Employees 04/30/2019
Special Programs Guidance (SPG), Air Force Logistics Professional Development Pgm (AF LPDP) 06/13/2019